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UX/UI Designer


Lone Wolf Technologies | Design


Lone Wolf is a long-time real estate technology leader, in the midst of rapid UX-focused growth. Joining our UX team means daily design collaborations, speaking with real users, and finessing your coding skills with a team of fellow boundary-pushing UX/UI Designers and Engineers.


As a UX/UI Designer, you have a passion for solving problems with intuitive design. You’re curious how others view your work, because you know that honest user feedback creates great products. You may even consider yourself a champion for the end user! Yes, you plan for usability, clarity, and mobile experiences, but you also value the occasional tongue-in-cheek message to lighten up tough UI situations. (Who doesn’t?) You have a strong attention to detail, but it doesn’t get in the way of you seeing the bigger picture.


As a member of the UX team, you will have full access to build with (and contribute to) our code-based component library, Helix. Helix makes handing-off UX/UI work to Engineering as seamless as possible, while also giving you the opportunity to flex your skills in new mediums.


This UX/UI role requires you to collaborate with industry-leading research and development teams to create some of the most engaging and innovative products in the real estate market. Are you in?





  • Apply knowledge of design hierarchy, established web UI patterns, and responsive design.
  • Comfortably navigate a project from concept, to prototype, to presentation.
  • Brainstorm, concept, and reiterate based on a variety of feedback and user research.
  • Distill the findings of user research and make recommendations.
  • Demonstrate strong collaboration skills and empathy-focused problem solving.
  • Self-manage and deliver assigned work within given timelines.
  • Work within the “UI system” of an established component library. (See Job Summary above.)
  • Collaborate with Engineering, make HTML and CSS code edits, and attend scrum meetings.
  • Embrace and contribute to a culture of innovation, excellence and accountability.
  • Openness to further grow skills as a user experience specialist.
Skills & Requirements



  • 3 - 5 years designing user experiences for web.
  • 2 + years working with some programming languages.
    (Minimum: Proficiency in HTML and CSS. Some experience with JS frameworks like React or Angular.)
  • Bachelors in related field. (Design, Art, Engineering, etc.)
  • Portfolio that clearly narrates your design thinking and style.
  • Past experience performing and gathering user validation or feedback.
  • Demonstration of empathy-focused interface problem solving. 
  • An interest in programming and a basic understanding of how it’s used to express design concepts.



  • Experience working with a design system or component library.
  • History working with real estate products or applications.
  • Experience with React.js, Angular, JIRA, git, and Adobe XD.
  • Experience working with UI frameworks, such as Bootstrap or Foundation.
  • Experience working for a SaaS company.