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Careers / Our People / Spotlight: Martin Taylor

Martin Taylor

Co-Head of Foundation Fund, Senior Managing Director

"We’ve got some of the best and brightest people in the industry here, and every time I’m partnered with someone new, I learn something new."


Grew up all over Virginia



Favorite Book

"Where the Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak

Favorite Hobby


Vista's Culture in One Word


Favorite Part of Vista

The ability to learn something new every day

An Operator’s Mindset

Prior to Vista, I had quite a few different roles at Microsoft, spanning over 13 years. I worked in the field and in our DC office, I was the General Manager of the Caribbean based in Puerto Rico, and I worked directly for former CEO Steve Ballmer as his Director of Strategy and Chief of Staff. 

I was the first non-investment banker hired by Vista. My charge was to build out our operations, create our value creation arm and establish a scalable platform for growing businesses. 

Ultimately, we’re trying to create a business that is more valuable than when we bought it. These days, I Co-Head our Foundation Fund and stay closely involved in ESG and DE&I initiatives both at our firm and across our portfolio.

A Lesson From the Field 

Anyone who’s worked with me knows I make a lot of sports references. And that’s because I believe what Vista is doing is analogous to a successful team out on the field. First of all, you have to practice, practice, practice. Second, you need to get everyone on the same page and moving forward quickly. 

What makes Vista so nimble and successful is that, like a sports team, we’re a very collaborative organization. Be it on the investment side, operations side or in our back office, everyone has an important role to play. I believe that on any successful team, everyone knows what their charge is and partners together to create a win.  

Making an Impact

One of the things I love most about Vista is the ability to learn every day. We’ve got some of the best and brightest people in the industry here, and every time I’m partnered with someone new, I learn something new, which is incredibly rewarding. 

I also enjoy learning about the organizations we invest in. It’s amazing the impact that software has on industries, verticals and segments. 

Another initiative that excites me is our board program. At Vista, we place external directors on the boards of almost all of our companies. Not only do we place great board members who add value — through go-to-market strategies, coaching CEOs, enabling business development and new opportunities — but we also help to diversify the representation of individuals on the boards. This offers new and varied perspectives for our companies and is helping to change the face of leadership in the tech industry.

Finding and Fueling Passion 

I tell people who want to get involved in private equity that they must be willing to learn. 

Beyond that, I give the same advice I’ve given to my twins: Find something you’re passionate about and find an opportunity you can build upon. There are so many opportunities in the software industry across different levels and functions. The need for talent is huge, so those with an interest just need to find a way to get involved.  

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