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COVID-19 Response

Applause: Curbing COVID-19 Through Digital Experience Testing

The global spread of COVID-19 has forced governments to take extraordinary measures to keep citizens safe and mitigate the number of cases. To help suppress the virus in Israel, the nation’s Ministry of Health developed an app that uses cellular GPS data to identify infection hot spots and notify people if they have been in the vicinity of verified coronavirus carriers. Releasing the app quickly was critical, but so too was increasing user adoption by ensuring the app functioned correctly. Applause mobilized its user testing community to troubleshoot the app’s digital experience – ensuring that it worked as intended and could be released as soon as possible.

In addition to the Israel project, Applause has also helped several healthcare providers by testing tele-health platforms and coronavirus-specific chatbots to ensure they perform as expected. Applause’s distributed, remote and at-home digital testing solutions provide an alternative to organizations who previously relied on in-lab or offshore testing – helping companies deliver quality digital experiences to their customers even during the current work-from-home environment. The Company will continue to offer its remote and at-home digital testing services for free to any government or healthcare organization needing similar support to fight COVID-19.

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Year of Investment: 2017
Portfolio Status: Current
Headquarters: Framingham, MA

345K Bugs Found Through Testing

SaaS-based platform that helps clients optimize the quality and end-user experience on desktop, mobile and device apps. 

Applause is a leading provider of customer-driven digital testing and user feedback software for digital experiences across Web, mobile and IoT. The Company’s technology platform and managed global community of over 300,000 on-demand DX experts deliver authentic, real-world human input at every phase of software development. Applause provides insight into market requirements, user feedback and software quality for the world’s leading digital brands at every customer touchpoint.

Applause was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Framingham, MA, with operations worldwide.

Vista Equity Partners Fund VI acquired Applause in September 2017.

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